Terra Verde Lush Olive Oil Lotion Bar

Terra Verde Lush Olive Oil Lotion Bar

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We love lotion bars because they are easy, portable and hydrate dry skin, especially during harsh winter months. Try it on dry knees , elbows and hands for instant relief. For an added bonus, this natural beauty product can double as a perfume solid. We like to roll it on our neck up next to our ears to take advantage of the wonderful aroma of lavender and sweet orange in our Terra Verde scent.

This product is solid at room temperature so it won't leak in your purse or luggage. The clear plastic tube twists up like a lip balm or deodorant. It glides easily over your skin with a smooth dome. A small amount goes a long way. Can be used every day as part of your skin care maintenance.

Lotion bar recipe ingredients include olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax & a proprietary blend of essential oils.

Terra Verde Lush Olive Oil Lotion Bar
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