Elki Grilled Asparagus Spears with Red Peppers - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.
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Elki Grilled Asparagus Spears with Red Peppers

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The perfect balance of spices for a mouthwatering delicacy with a little heat!
Simply incredible.

Fire Grilled asparagus in a delicious marinade of sunflower oil, vinegar, spices and red peppers to add some kick!
Suggested Uses: Enjoy as a tasty snack or include on an antipasti platter with cheeses, meats, olives and mixed vegetables.  Serve on pizza, in an omelet or creamy risotto. Use in a nicoise or summer salad or serve asparagus tops on a crostini with goat cheese. Enjoy with hot or cold pasta, tossed with char-grilled chicken, ELKI’s artichoke pesto, pine nuts and topped with fresh basil and parmesan. Or enjoy them straight from the jar. Be careful! You may not want to share these savory little morsels!
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