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Hatch Pepper Salt

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Behrnes Pepper Salts are a unique blend of salt, garlic, cumin, oregano, turmeric, thyme and either HATCH, CHIPOTLE, JALAPENO, CAYENNE, HABANERO OR CAROLINA REAPER peppers to add a little or a lot of something extra to everything you eat. Start on your eggs in the morning and you will put it on everything by the end of the day! • Use instead of salt and pepper on everything • Give your eggs zip, zing and zap • Perk up your popcorn • Season corn on the cob, deviled eggs and mashed potatoes • Rim your margarita glass or add a dash to your beer lid, of course the Habañero takes a Tequila shot to a new level • Bake kale with olive oil and a liberal amount of Cayenne • Mix the Chipotle in Siggi's yogurt to make a SUPER healthy dip for vegetables or chips • Sprinkle Cayenne on half an apple instead of a 3 pm cup of coffee • Jalapeño or Hatch on avocado toast is the bomb • Spice up cocktail peanuts or Goldfish crackers in the bag or can • Make tomato juice into a tame,fresh, smoky, hot or fiery Bloody Mary • Sass up Ranch dressing OR use the Jalapeño with olive oil as a salad dressing
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