Some Favorites in Texas' Dripping Springs and Austin Area

by Darrell Spivey
Some Favorites in Texas' Dripping Springs and Austin Area - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Dripping Springs is a cozy Texan town that we’re humbled and grateful to serve. The locals are friendly, the food farmed fresh, and the nature wondrous. It is located just outside of Austin, a center of culture, cuisine, and nightlife. Dripping Springs is a haven for nature, adventure, and industry. You can get anything here—from barbecue to wines to Texas olive oil.

If you are in town, try and do the following:

Our Favorite Spots in Dripping Springs and Austin

Enjoy Barbecue and Texas Olive Oil

Texas is famous for its barbecue. If you go to Austin, you need to explore the local cuisine. Smoked brisket from Franklin Barbecue is a local favorite. Be prepared to wait in long lines because locals and tourists alike come out in droves.

If you aren’t in the mood to wait in line, you can try other barbecue restaurants or explore locally-sourced, fresh food. Dripping Springs has a large variety of Texas olive oil, wines, and brews.

Sixth Street Austin Texas

Listen to Live Music

Are you a music lover? You will love Austin since it is called the Live Music Capital of the World. There are several locations for live music, one of which being the legendary Continental Club, est. 1955.

The Continental Club is a popular local spot for bar-hoppers and music lovers. Jazz, blues, and country ring through the club as live performances take place each day.

The Moody Theater hosts live tapings of Austin City Limits, a PBS concert series. You will have to win a ticket through a lottery but if you do, you will see famous musicians perform live.

Explore Texas Culture

Austin’s museums and galleries will charm any culture vulture. You can explore contemporary public art at The Contemporary Austin. The Jones Center has an outdoor sculpture park and the Museum without Walls project has public art on display at Waller Creek.

You can even see art in Dripping Springs. The Solstice Garden, for one, has whimsical outdoor art with different sculptures, wind catchers, and planters. 

Austin Texas Nature

Explore Nature and Local Industry

Dripping Springs is a great place for those who love the outdoors. Travelers can also visit businesses to get a taste of the many local offerings.

The Reimers Ranch Park has sprawling green land with perfect riverside picnic spots. You can go rock climbing, hiking, trekking, fishing, and mountain biking. The Hamilton Pool Reserve is near the park. The pool is a sinkhole that is both a geological site and a popular tourist attraction.

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. offers tours of its orchards, mills, and industry. We're located in a beautiful Tuscan-style house. You will experience the local flavor as you walk through the lush olive trees and meet the local workers. You can even experience a taste of Texas olive oil with an olive oil tasting.

Dripping Springs is a wonderful place to live and travel. It is also the home of our Texas olive oil company, and there's nowhere else we'd rather be!  We recommend experiencing Austin and Dripping Springs like a local and exploring the hospitality and culture of the area. Drop by for a visit for our events, tastings, and tours. You won’t regret it.

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