6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

by Andrew Heller
6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Whether it’s a gift for your office Christmas party, a hard-to-shop-for relative, or your significant other that you want to impress, we have you covered for last minute, low stress Christmas gifts.

 6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Tour, $20 per person

Creating memories is a gift to treasure! We love the idea of giving an experience as a Christmas gift. A tour of our olive orchard and mill will make a fabulous gift for anyone who’s hard to shop for. Schedule a tour or purchase a gift card.


Infused Olive Oils: Jalapeno, Lemon, Basil & Garlic, from $13.50

These infused olive oils are a popular favorite! They are made by infusing some  popular flavors with our award winning EVOOs, leaving you with a supremely fresh and flavored olive oil. We have tons of favorites, but jalapeno, lemon, and garlic are definitely some of our most popular. You can even gift our Infused Mini Set which has one of each!


Luxurious Face and Body Cream, from $14

Skip the mainstream lotions and creams and spring for something different. Our luxurious cream will soothe even the most parched skin, and is created using the finest oils, creams, and essential oils. Anyone will love this lotion that is scented with lavender, orange, cedar and a hint of clary sage.


Assortment of Flavored Balsamic Vinegars, from $12.50

There are so many fantastic flavors of our balsamic vinegars! White lemon, blackberry, and fig are wonderful crowd-pleasers! You can even get them in a mini set!


Sola Stella, Christmas

Olive Oil Dips with Sola Stella Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from $28.99

Yum! These dips are so yummy paired with our award-winning Sola Stella Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They are all so easy and delicious, and make the perfect snack while served with some fresh bread.

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