Sola Stella Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is our most awarded extra virgin olive oil in our lineup, and we are proud to say our most popular.  This is 100% Arbequina, yielding a uniquely smooth and buttery extra virgin olive oil.  We feel this is an ideal “everyday” oil due to it’s mild flavor and smooth finish, making it the perfect base for your kitchen cooking, baking or finishing.  This is our family’s go-to oil for everyday use, always keeping it in hands reach!


  • flavor: Delicate fruit component of ripe red apples, light green artichoke heart notes and  smooth nuttiness making this oil very buttery
  • intensity: Mild and Buttery
  • usage: Intended for everyday use in the kitchen due to it’s smooth buttery flavor components, which makes this a perfect oil to use in your cooking, baking and even as a finishing oil