Treating Your Grandparents With Texas Olive Oil

by Darrell Spivey
Treating Your Grandparents With Texas Olive Oil - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Some of the most profound love and care can be found in the arms of a grandparent. Grandparents are some of the greatest gifts on earth. That is why we are celebrating them and the love they bring on September 12th, National Grandparents’ Day. Whether you prefer gifting or preparing a wholesome family meal for your grandparents, you can’t go wrong with Texas olive oil. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate September 12th. 


The Importance of Grandparents’ Day

Celebrating our origins is essential. Grandparents, great grandparents, and all that came before them are a vital connection between generations, which is how cultures and traditions are passed down; sometimes in a crockpot, other times in the way we were raised. 

We celebrate Grandparents’ Day as a way to ensure we stay connected and grateful for their wisdom and presence in our lives. 


A Celebration Texas Olive Oil Style

At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we value traditions and generations of wisdom passed down. This is why we celebrate with quality olive products that serve as a beautiful gift to say ‘thank you, we love you.’ 


Tours of a Texas Olive Oil Orchard

Traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day, Grandparents’ Day doesn’t only need to be celebrated on the day. Booking a walking tour of the olive orchard on a sunny day is more than just a breath of fresh air. 

 Texas olive oil orchard

A stroll through the orchard and a tour of the working olive mill will show you why Texas-grown olives are delicious and full of flavor. The tour includes best storage practices and how extra virgin Texas olive oil is made, and the milling process. 


Quality Ingredients for Special Meals 

Nothing says love and care like a home-cooked meal. The finest meals are made with quality ingredients, such as our infused Texas olive oils. Here are some dinner ideas to prepare for your grandparents:

  • Aglio e olio - You can make this delicious pasta recipe with Texas Hill Country Olive Co. olive oils; by using an infused oil from the range, like garlic oil, you can elevate your pasta dishes and add depth to traditional recipes.
  • Crushed garlic and chopped olive tapenade on bruschetta brushed with jalapeno-infused olive oil.
  • A dish of rosemary and olive oil ice cream is a culinary treat for any celebration; your grandma and grandpa will be sure to enjoy every bite of this delicacy. The dish is subtly sweet and creamy. The Texas olive oil gives the ice cream a soft scoopable texture without compromising on creaminess. 


Texas Olive Oil Gift Sets for Those you Love 

A carefully put-together gift box might be just the way to ensure Grandparents’ Day is remembered. At Texas Hill Country Olive Co, we believe that cooking can create some of the fondest memories, and your grandparents will be sure to enjoy the unique flavors and tastes available. 


Grandparents - Pillars of Love and Care 

For many, grandparents are a source of unconditional love, care, and happiness. They make us feel better and oftentimes indulge us when our parents won’t. If you don’t have any, you can always adopt a grandparent from your local nursing home and spend the day spoiling some senior citizens.

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