When Texas Olive Oil Goes Cloudy: A Guide

You might feel a moment of dread when you open your pantry and see your favorite bottle of Texas olive oil has gone cloudy. You might be asking yourself, is it safe to consume? Has it gone rancid? The most straightforward answer is no, it is not rancid; it is perfectly safe to use. Here’s a quick guide to troubleshooting a cloudy bottle.

Pairing Texas Olive Oil With Other Local Offerings

There is nothing better than indulging in fresh local produce; this is why we have chosen a select range of local offerings that pair perfectly with our Texas olive oil. We believe farm-to-table produce is best with a splash of extra virgin, whether you prefer loaves of freshly baked artisanal bread, biting into crunchy and organic farm-fresh vegetables, or experimenting with funky mycology.  There is a little something local for everyone here in the Lone Star State!

First Cold Pressed Olive Oil - What Is It? And Why's It Important?

Taking a closer look at the labels of your favorite bottles might raise a few questions about the terminology used. You might be wondering, what exactly is first cold pressed olive oil? Let's take a look.

Using Texas Olive Oil in Middle Eastern Fusion Dishes

Fusion culinary techniques are not a new trend; they have been around since the early days of international trade when world travelers would exchange and combine food knowledge. Common ingredients come together in fusion cuisine to create new and exciting dishes that honor various parts of the world. Today, we look at a few Middle Eastern fusion recipes you can make with your favorite Texas olive oil.

What Texas Olive Oil is Best for Salads?

At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., salad dressings are among our favorite parts of a meal. They are the perfect opportunity to take a bowl of lettuce leaves and turn it into a gourmet delight. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate your favorite Texas olive oil into award-winning salad dressings. 

Sprucing Up Your Pasta Sauces With Texas Olive Oil

There are few things better than pasta, and we believe that pasta sauce should be moreish and stay finely imprinted in your memory. Let’s take a look at how you can spruce up your pasta sauces with different types of Texas olive oil. 

How Is Texas Olive Oil Made?

Transforming the Olea Europaea tree’s fruits into Texas olive oil is no easy feat. We mastered the process when we founded our company and planted our orchard in Dripping Springs. To this day, it is still the best EVOO in the state.

Super Bowl Snacks with a Healthy Texas Olive Oil Twist

Some Super Bowl Sunday traditions are unique to every NFL fan; some you will find in every household and food is high up on that list. So let’s have a look at how (and why) you can add Texas olive oil to your Super Bowl snacks this year!

2022 Texas Olive Oil Treats for an Intimate Valentine’s Date at Home

We have a few ideas for a perfect Valentine’s weekend involving a few hearty servings of Texas olive oil, some mouthwatering dishes to be made by two, and a whole lotta love.

Winter Soups with Texas Olive Oil

At the Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we reserve a special place in our hearts for winter soups. Here’s how you can enjoy your classic winter favorites with a healthy drizzle of Texas olive oil.

Texas Olive Oil on National Cheese Lovers Day

If you are an avid cheese fanatic, here is precisely how you can prepare a winning cheesy spread paired with the perfect Texas olive oil.

Why You Need Texas Olive Oil in Your Winter Beauty Regimen

Here is how Texas olive oil can help you combat some of winter's most unwanted side effects. 
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