Valentine's Day

Wholesome Valentine's Day Gift Ideas From a Texas Olive Oil Company

The season of love is just around the corner, and like every year, love birds are searching for the best gifts for their loved ones. While a bouquet of roses, a box full of chocolates, and a stuffed toy (probably the teddy!) are the time-honored gifts for the V-day, but why not gift something unique and thoughtful to your Valentine to make the occasion more special? Our inventory features hundreds of Texas olive oils and unique custom gifts for Valentine's Day to make this day a one-of-a-kind just like your special someone!

You can also choose to go through our online store to browse custom gifts if you cannot stop by. Here are some of our most favorite Valentine's gift ideas that are worth giving the shot in 2021.

Pamper Your Valentine with a Spa Treat

What's more perfect than pampering your special someone with a spa treat? Our 2021 Spa Gift Box is packed with a soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic experience for your partner. It consists of a Taormina White Candle, Tuberose Bath Salt, Bath Pouf, Taormina Lotion Bar, a bound desk calendar, a note-to-self journal, and a 15 minute 'Pamper Me Kit' – a complete package of love and care, no?

Gratitude Is Nutrition For a Loving Relationship

Let your Valentine know that you're thankful to have them. Express your gratitude and love to your loved ones by gifting them our Gratitude Box, including a Veneta White Candle, Bound Gratitude Journal, Jasmine Bath Salt, Bath Pouf, and a Triple Berry Lip Balm. All of these spa products are made with our extra virgin Texas olive oil.

Start Your Special Someone's Day with a Special Morning Gift

Who doesn't love morning surprises? Our Good Morning Box is something your Valentine would love to wake up to. The box includes Terra Verde White Candle, Tuberose Bath Salt, Bath Pouf, Mornin' Darlin' Mug, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Caramel Sauce – a lovely and cozy start to the Valentine's Day morning!

Texas Sunset Heart

Celebrate Friendship On Valentine's Day

Observed on 13th Feb, Galentine's Day is to celebrate platonic friendships usually among women. If you are celebrating this day with your gals, we have something for them too! Our Galentine Box offers a sweet and luxurious relaxation retreat as it includes Terra Verde White Candle, Bath Bomb, Bath Pouf, Honey Lemon Lip Balm, and Black Fig Chocolate Bar.

A Goodie For a Foodie Valentine

You can never go wrong with our Goodie Box that offers a flavorful ride and makes up for a perfect Valentine's gift for a food-obsessed better half. The box includes pretty much everything from snacks, seasonings, chocolate, pour sprouts, and olive wood.

Spice Up Valentine's Day with a Texas Olive Oil Gift Box

Looking for a perfect combo of salty and healthy for him? Our Salt & Spice Gourmet Gift Box is an ideal Valentine's Day gift, especially for your man. The gift box includes Garlic Infused Olive Oil, Harissa Infused Olive Oil, Super Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sriracha Salt, Hickory Salt, Porterhouse Steak Seasoning, Olive Wood Salt Cellar, and Small Olive Wood Spoon.

Celebrate The Valentine's Day with All Texas Olive Oil Flavors

The Gambini box is the king or, say, queen of gift boxes comprising our favorite flavors. All you need is your special someone or a few friends, along with some fresh loaves of bread to make most of the shared love on this Valentine's Day. The Gambini is a perfect gift for anyone. It consists of our award-winning extra virgin Texas olive oil, garlic-infused olive oil, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic & Herb Dipping Sauce, Italian Bread Dipping Spice, Olive Salad, Olive Wood Dipping Bowl, and Olive Wood Stirring Spoon.

We hope you liked our wholesome (and flavorsome!) gift ideas for the fast-approaching Valentine's Day. At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we are your one-stop-shop for unique and creative custom gifts to make every occasion special and memorable.

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