Celebrate Oktoberfest At Home With Texas Olive Oil

by Darrell Spivey
Celebrate Oktoberfest At Home With Texas Olive Oil - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Oktoberfest is around the corner; it is a time to celebrate with friends and family. The festival has beer stalls and stands, good food, and plenty of laughter and fun. If your town doesn’t have a local Oktoberfest, have your own in your backyard. Here’s how you can enjoy celebrating it with Texas olive oil.

All the Backyard Oktoberfest Fun With Texas Olive Oil 

Traditionally, the festival is held on large fields; beer tents, food and pretzel stands, and space for everyone to dine together. It is the perfect family-centered vibe to enjoy quality time with your favorite people. If you love having fun and want to create a backyard version of the event for your family and friends to enjoy, here are some fun setup ideas you can try:

Mini Beer Stalls 

The star of the show should be a selection of beers. The best way to celebrate the start of fall and this exciting festival is by offering your guests a selection of German/Bavarian brews for a mini beer tasting. You don’t need a large selection; just some of your all-time favorites will do. 

There are specialty beers made with Oktoberfest in mind; you will be able to find them at your craft wineries or liquor stores alike. Be sure to include a few beers you haven’t tried before, and truly bring out the spirit of Oktoberfest. 

 Oktoberfest beer

Oktoberfest Meals with a Drizzle of the Finest Texas Olive Oil

There is nothing quite like drinking beer and enjoying good food. A backyard Oktoberfest should come complete with a few German classics. Here are the top meal ideas for your family Oktoberfest, with a Texas Hill Country Olive Co. twist:

  • Olive Oil Pretzels - These soft pretzels are a staple side snack for your beer fest. They are fun to make with kids. Plus add a balsamic mustard dip for a nice extra touch!
  • Warm German Potato Salad with Texas Olive Oil - This delicious, hearty treat always goes well with family and friends. Traditionally, potato salads are full of mayonnaise and served cold; this alternative is made with warm potato cubes, drizzled in a dressing made with olive oil and dijon mustard, and topped with pieces of crispy bacon. Try making this recipe with garlic-infused olive oil for a truly sensational flavor. 
  • Kasespatzle - A healthier Kasespatzle with olive oil instead of butter, this egg noodle dish with cheese is delicious as a side or as a main for vegetarian guests. This baked cheesy meal is quite similar to a baked Mac & Cheese, with a few extra trimmings such as caramelized onions. Most often made with butter, it can be pretty rich, which is why at Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we prefer to add the extra flavor by using an infused olive oil; our favorite is Rosemary
  • A selection of German Wurst prepared on the BBQ with a spattering of the best German beers and a drizzle of Texas Olive oil. You can also prepare your wurst in the kitchen in a pan, just make sure they don’t stick and break apart by adding a dash of oil. A delicate extra virgin olive oil is the most neutral-flavored oil that won’t take away from the original taste of the sausage.

 Texas olive oil pretzel

Al-Fresco Dining Table at its Finest

At an authentic Oktoberfest, meals are eaten together on a long table clothed with a checkered tablecloth. To truly harness the atmosphere of Oktoberfest, dining outdoors with friends and family over a beer or two is the true spirit of the festival. We hope that whatever you have planned, you enjoy every second of it.

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