How to Use Texas Olive Oil in Soups and Stews

by Darrell Spivey
How to Use Texas Olive Oil in Soups and Stews - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Hearty and healthy soul food is built on a foundation of flavor. The easiest way to make that flavor foundation is by using good ingredients, taking your time, and treating each dish with love and care. We believe you should make every meal with choice ingredients, including the Texas olive oil used to saute the first few ingredients. Here's how you can use EVOO in soups and stews for the best flavors. 

The Basics 

Building a dish that is traditionally full of flavor has a few basics to remember. Take your time with each ingredient, and don't rush through the process. Stews and soups often share the same start and become developed from the initial cooking phase. Here's how you can build the basics flavors for these dishes: 

  • Use a good quality Texas olive oil - As this golden liquid forms the fat base for your meal, it is essential to use the best kinds of EVOO. Opt for more robust and peppery varieties with strong flavors for stews that can handle it, while more delicate dishes such as butternut soups benefit from an EVOO with buttery notes.  
  • Vary your techniques - Switch between roasting, grilling, or sauteeing your ingredients to create various flavor profiles. Grilled produce has a smokey note to it, while roasting brings out the natural caramelization and sweetness.  
  • Use fresh, seasonal ingredients - Keeping your soup or stew seasonal is key; seasonal vegetables and other ingredients taste the best straight after their harvest. Seasonal offerings will also help ensure that your summer stews are refreshing and your winter soups are warming. 

Slow Roasted Soup Bases 

Slowly roasting vegetables instead of boiling them adds another dimension of flavor to your meals. The Texas olive oil you use to roast your base ingredients can genuinely make each bowl shine! 

  • Roasted tomato and basil - This dish is a powerhouse of flavor. Its natural flavor is uplifted with a soft and subtle buttery EVOO. When serving, serve each soup bowl with a drizzle of jalapeno-infused oil and a dollop of coconut cream for a kick of flavor. 
  • Creamy wild mushroom - Try roasting mushrooms with a robust and herbaceous EVOO variety to elevate the natural, earthy tones of the mushroom. 

Using Texas Olive Oil in Succulent Stews 

Stews are not just a winter staple - they are perfect for the warmth of summer too. They have hearty goodness that is suited to any season with a few changes here and there. When making a stew, the principles of creating flavor are simple - low and slow with a robust base. As Texas olive oil forms the fat base for any plant-based stew and develops any flavors found in meaty stews, it is one of the most essential ingredients. 

Whether cooking up a winter warmer or a fresh and cooling summer classic like Ciambotta, sauteeing and sealing your ingredients with a robust and peppery EVOO is one of the best ways to build the flavor foundations that matter the most.

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