Texas Olive Oil Exists Because of You and We Couldn't Be More Grateful

by Darrell Spivey
Texas Olive Oil Exists Because of You and We Couldn't Be More Grateful - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

We want to say thanks to our local community in Austin and Dripping Springs for the unconditional support. The last year has taught us that we can rely on our locals for support when times are uncertain and challenging. We wouldn't be able to keep making Texas olive oil without you.


Why We’re Grateful 

At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we have always enjoyed working closely with our customers and their families. We are 3rd and 4th generation Italians, so the idea of family and a sense of community is one of the reasons we founded our orchard. We hoped to bring a sense of familiar tastes and flavors to our communities. In return, the communities surrounding us have broken bread with us and supported us. 


Locals and patrons from the distant corners of 48 states help us continue our mission. We ensure kitchens across the country are stocked with bottles of the finest Italian grade, Texas-grown olive oil products.


How Your Support Helps Us

Your support helps us continue our dream of keeping homegrown Texas olive oil goodness going. With your help, we started making this dream a reality in 2008 and have been growing steadily since our humble beginning in 2009. 


The Texas olive oil industry is relatively new; we are grateful for the support from our patrons as we join in with other orchards to pioneer this industry. Together with the help of locals and national experts, we have continued to new horizons successfully. For that, we are grateful.


Community-Powered Texas Olive Oil

The power of community knows no borders. It has come to us from our connection with our family history in Italy to our friends, family, and patrons; we have been able to work together to help create employment opportunities and add a sense of pride to every bottle of balsamic vinegar or olive oil that we seal. 


All of our patrons have made this family dream worth all the time and effort that we have put in. Thank you, today the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. celebrates you - our supporters.

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