When Does Olive Oil Expire?

by Darrell Spivey
When Does Olive Oil Expire? - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

If you are like any other super foodie or have a well-stocked pantry, you might find yourself with more than one bottle of your favorite Texas olive oil. You might ask yourself, “Does it expire? If so, when?” Here is a little guide on how to tell whether your favorite bottle of golden liquid is good to go or not. 

It’s All in The Label 

There are a few different ways to ensure that each bottle of Texas olive oil is perfectly safe to drink. It starts with purchasing and storage. When buying a bottle of EVOO, ensure that the store you purchase it from is cool and has stored the bottle correctly on the shelf away from sunlight or harsh lights. This is why it is recommended to purchase directly from a producer in order to ensure that it is kept properly. 

Each bottle should have a label that indicates the production date, and its best before date. This will allow you to buy the freshest bottle of EVOO that will last a long while if stored correctly in your pantry. 

How Long Does Texas Olive Oil Last?

Due to its purity and the fact that it is not as highly processed as other types of oil, EVOO has a limited shelf life of 12 to 18 months. This is one of the reasons that we believe you could switch all of the oils in your house to EVOO to ensure that they don’t last long enough to go rancid. 

Olio Neuvo or cloudy olive oil is the exception to the 12-18 month rule - as it is minimally processed, you should use it within 3 - 6 months, depending on storage. Try taking note of the dates you purchased each bottle and the dates it should be used by to avoid disappointment.  

How To Tell If EVOO Is Rancid? 

If you've forgotten how long the bottle has already been in your pantry, there are a few ways to tell. Testing to see whether your Texas olive oil is in date involves using taste, smell, and sight. 

  • Sniff testing EVOO - Rancid EVOO will have a waxy scent - much like your favorite box of crayons in kindergarten. 
  • Slightly bitter taste - Spoiled EVOO will taste bitter, stale, and sour. It will lack all of the qualities that it is known for.
  • The truth is the color - Rancid or spoiled EVOO will lose its golden hues and look dull. This fat is often known for its beautiful golden and slightly green shades and should stay that way.

It is important to remember that while expired Texas olive oil is not likely to make you sick, it will ruin a great meal. If you are ever uncertain about your EVOO, check before adding it to your meals. It is usually best practice to check your pantry on a regular basis and use your oldest oils first before they have time to go off.

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