Refreshing Your Pantry with Seaweed and Texas Olive Oil

by Darrell Spivey
Refreshing Your Pantry with Seaweed and Texas Olive Oil - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

You might notice an upcoming food trend that is cropping up everywhere; this savory ingredient happens to be seaweed - this Asian staple is here to stay and comes with several perks. Also known as nori, this delectable ocean delight is taking the world by storm with its many health benefits and unique flavor. Here’s how you can use seaweed and your favorite Texas olive oil for new and exciting recipes to add to your pantry. 

The Plant-Based Answer to Seafood Flavor 

Recreating the flavor of the ocean is not easy. That's where seaweed shines. It is packed with iodine and the ocean's savory flavor. It is a fantastic ingredient for those who crave the delicate aromas of the sea. While it does not replace the whole fish experience, it replicates some of the fish flavors. Try adding it to your favorite dishes that call for anchovies. 

When adding roasted seaweed flakes to your next Aglio e Olio pasta, match the Texas olive oil to the meal; peppery and robust oils will temper the stronger seaweed flavors for a rounded meal. 

Taking Texas Olive Oil and Nori to the Snack Bar

Snacks are vital for people of all ages. From toddlers to the elderly, snacking is part of everyday life. Snack platters are commonplace on game days or at the center of hot summery picnics under the shade of the trees. Seaweed is one of the best ways to add a new flavor to your favorite snack ideas. Try these handy and healthy snacks: 

  • Seaweed hummus - This Mediterranean classic made with some of the most nuanced flavors is the perfect match for the delicate ocean flavor of nori. When making your favorite hummus recipes, try changing the type of EVOO you use to one with a lighter and more buttery variety to highlight the natural flavor profile of the nori. 
  • Nori and broccoli chips - This crunchy, savory delight is perfect with your favorite creamy sweet chili dips. Toss small broccoli stalks in a peppery EVOO with nori flakes before slow roasting on low heat until crisp and crunchy. These can be eaten hot or cold and add a delicately fresh and salty element to any savory dip platter. 
  • Seaweed and seed crackers - Homemade crackers are one of the best ways to add nutrients and a little crunch to your daily snack life. Try making your crackers with your favorite robust Texas olive oil, ground sesame, flax, and chia seeds topped with flakes of nori baked on low to crunchy perfection. 

Topping up Your Bowls with Salty Seaweed

One of the most common ways people add seaweed to their meals is by making homemade nori flakes. Try slow roasting nori flakes brushed with a Texas olive oil and sprinkled with a hint of chili flakes; you can create one of the best toppings for any meal. 

Flake these crunchy sheets of nori over any bowl of food as a seasoning or salad topping for added flavor. Grinding the flakes up into a powder makes it the idea of homemade chip and roasted potato seasoning too!

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