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Classic 4th of July Sides: Kicked Up a Notch

There’s so much to love about the 4th of July: the American spirit, backyard celebrations with friends and family, fireworks, and food! While a tender brisket or burger, make our mouths water, we really want to talk sides, the sometimes overlooked accompaniment to your entrée. Extra effort put into making an out-of-this-world side goes a long way! If you’re hard at work planning your bash, we have a few spin-off ideas that can take your classic 4th of July sides to another level… Watermelon While everyone loves a juicy watermelon, consider dicing it up and making watermelon salad for an unexpected twist. Our favorite includes feta, mint, red onion, blueberries, Koroneiki EVOO, and White Lemon Balsamic. It’s so refreshing and...

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A Twist On A Traditional Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. If the mom in your life loves to be pampered (and what mom doesn’t?), consider this twist on a traditional Mother's Day gift, an olive oil spa gift. Olive oil is packed with antioxidants that protect against aging, and also contains skin-healing vitamin K and squalene, a naturally hydrating compound known for its anti-cancer and skin protecting effects. Additionally, it is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and won’t clog pores. These benefits of olive oil make it superb for skincare. Our Terra Verde olive oil spa products are made with the finest olive oil in the state. They are formulated with sweet orange and lavender essential oils which leave a soothing and clean aroma. Get creative and...

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