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4 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her

We all love Valentine’s Day gifts that are unique, but with each year doesn’t it get more and more difficult to think of something that will wow him or her? Sure, a simple box of chocolates is always enjoyable, but there’s something about giving and receiving a gift that’s outside of the (chocolate) box that ignites that spark! Here are 4 unique ideas that will certainly do just that.

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5 Healthy Reasons You Need Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Your Diet for 2018

From chefs, to nutritionists, to the Mayo clinic, most experts agree and champion the health benefits of cooking with extra virgin olive oil. With the new year underway, here are 5 reasons you need extra virgin olive oil in your diet. # 1: Be Pro Anti-Oxidants. Extra virgin olive oil contains carotenoids, vitamin E, and phenolic compounds, all of which are powerful antioxidants. Studies show that antioxidants help reduce damage to cells, caused by free radicals in the body. # 2: Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Early research from the University of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria suggests that a diet with a higher intake of extra virgin olive oil andpolyunsaturated fats are associated with a lower risk of...

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Olio Nuovo: The Most Anticipated Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year

This ultra-fresh olive oil is a seasonal treat meant to be enjoyed within a few months of purchase. Use it to dress a bed of mixed greens, serve it alongside a cheese board with warm bread, or serve it on a Christmas roast of top-quality beef tenderloin or leg of lamb.

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