Can Olive Oil Go Bad In The Summer?

by Darrell Spivey
Can Olive Oil Go Bad In The Summer? - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Many foodies might ask themselves whether the summer months' heat can spoil their bottles of liquid gold. The answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. Like any ingredient, Texas olive oil has a shelf life - and the shelf life can reduce significantly when kept in certain conditions. 

The Thing About Heat

The short answer is - no, summer heat will not spoil your first cold pressed Texas olive oil. While prolonged exposure to heat and other unfavorable conditions such as bright light and humidity or being stored in the wrong kind of container can lead to a spoiled bottle of EVOO, it won't happen overnight. 

A good bottle of EVOO can last 12-18 months if stored properly; however, we all know that a good bottle won't last longer than six months before you use the last drop. If you keep your bottles stored correctly, that last drop will taste as good as the first. 

How to Tell If Texas Olive Oil Has Gone Bad

If you are a little worried about the quality of your EVOO and whether it has gone bad, you can quickly tell by observing a few signs. Here is what you should look out for: 

  • Color - Known for its delicious greenish gold hues, this is one of the first signs that your it is in top condition. A bottle that has gone bad will lose its golden hues and become pale - almost clear. 
  • Scent - One of the best ways to tell whether your EVOO is good to drizzle is to do a quick sniff test. If it smells like the inside of a kindergarten crayon box, it has passed its use-by date. The scents you should be experiencing are those of punchy fresh olives and all the flavors you'd expect from a good Texas olive oil.
  • Taste - Rancid or bad oil will lose its taste as it reaches its expiry date or if stored in the wrong conditions. It might have a distinct bitter or pumpkin-like taste if it's gone rancid. 

It should take a while before your EVOO goes bad. Using it up before it reaches that point is always a good idea. Summer months can speed up the process of going bad if you don’t store it correctly. 

Storage: Combatting the Sweltering Heat of Summer 

There are several ways you can ensure that each and every bottle lasts just as long as it needs to - so you get to enjoy every single drop of Texas olive oil in its best condition and full of flavor. Storage is the golden rule for keeping your EVOO from going rancid. 

Whether infused with added flavors or simply pure, it should be kept in a cool, dark cupboard - away from heat, humidity, and bright lights. If you are experiencing a heatwave and worry about its freshness, you can store it in the refrigerator for short periods - during the hottest parts of the day in the refrigerator door. However, keeping it in the fridge for extended periods can affect its taste and flavor.

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