Keep Summer Around with a Greek-Inspired Dinner Party

by Darrell Spivey
Keep Summer Around with a Greek-Inspired Dinner Party - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Do you have a few chipped plates you need to get rid of, or do you miss the warmth of summer? It might be time to celebrate with a Greek dinner party. Tranquil blue waters, warm sun kissing your skin, and platters of hearty and healthy foods drizzled with the finest Texas olive oil - the perfect Greek dinner party complete with the sounds of ‘Oopa!’ as a plate shatters on the floor to cheers of your guests. 

While this might sound like the perfect summer party, it is not just for the summer; it is an event you can recreate in the cooler months as you wait for the sun to warm up again. Here's how! 

Setting the Scene

The Greeks are well known for their vivacious and bubbly personalities - parties are lively and loud, complete with beautiful and classy decor. When getting ready for your party, it is essential to consider that setting the scene will help transport your guests to the shores of Greece. 

Traditional colors for a Greek-themed diner party involve azul blues, crisp white table cloths, pillar candles in blues, whites, and ocean themes. Try using floating candles in a transparent glass trifle dish with a stand with white and blue flowers floating on top for the ultimate classy finish. 


Plates, Platters with Splashes of Texas Olive Oil

What kind of Greek party would it be without tables loaded with mezze platters, finger foods, and plates of delicious meals? These fantastic dishes are sure to leave your guests feeling like summer has been resurrected, even if it is just for a night. 


Your party will not be complete without at least one great Greek dish. Here are three of our favorites: 

  • Mousaka - This traditional Balkan dish is an excellent addition to any dinner party, especially one set in the winter. The aubergine and other veg can be roasted in medium to robust olive oil for the best flavors possible.
  • Serve your Gyros with EVOO Tatziki - No gryo is completed without the creamy coolness of a tzatziki sauce. While traditionally made with cucumber and yogurt, adding a little EVOO into the sauce offers you the best flavor profile; use a robust greek style of EVOO to this sauce for the best results. 
  • A little sweet treat - Pistachio and olive oil baklava is one of the best ways to complete a meal before the plates begin to shatter. Use a delicate buttery EVOO for this dish, as the oil is an excellent substitute for butter. 
  • Lamb kebabs - Easy to throw on the grill, these kebabs are the perfect summer dish, full of seasonal fresh veggies and savory lamb. Try our favorite recipe (pictured below).


Mediterranean meals go on for hours, where the music, conversation, and good wine are part of the parcel. Snacking and nibbling on food throughout the evening is common in Greek culture. For this reason, side tables stacked with mezze platters for guests to return to before tucking into a seated meal are great, especially if you plan on entertaining through a sunset. 

Try including mezzes for the ultimate spread: 

  • Marinaded nibbles - Using a robust Greek variety of EVOO and selected herbs and aromatics such as garlic, you can create the perfect marinade for feta, stuffed olives, and sundried tomatoes.
  • Fresh flat bread - this one is a crowd pleaser. Freshly baked flatbreads drizzled with garlic-infused Texas olive oil are one of the best dinnertime meals. It is the perfect snack to nibble on as the sun begins to tide you until the main meal while offering you the ideal post-dinner nibble to soak up any excess wine.

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