Spicy Lamb Kebabs with Persian Lime Chimichurri

by Alex Cogen
Spicy Lamb Kebabs with Persian Lime Chimichurri - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Want a new take on a classic summer dish? Try these spicy lamb kebabs with a Persian Lime cilantro chimichurri!

Created by Chef Jen, these kebabs are the perfect summer meal to throw on the grill when you want something easy-breezy that will surely impress your backyard barbecue guests.

And we took these kebabs up a notch by using our Harissa Infused Olive Oil for a spicy North African kick, some Persian Lime Balsamic Vinegar for some zest, and our Chef's Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil to tie it all together!

So keep following along to learn how to make your new favorite summer kebabs!

Spicy Lamb Kebabs with Persian Lime Cilantro Chimichurri

by Chef Jen


Spicy Lamb Kebabs:

Persian Lime Cilantro Chimichurri:


Day Before:

  1. Place lamb, salt, Za'atar, Persian Lime balsamic, Harissa Olive Oil, and white pepper in a bowl and coat lamb well. Let marinate overnight.

Day Of:

  1. Build skewers to your liking alternating veggies and meat.
  2. Heat grill to medium-high heat.
  3. Grill skewers approx. 7-10 mins per side on all 4 sides. pull from heat and allow to rest.
  4. For chimichurri, finely chop cilantro and parsley.
  5. Place chopped herbs into a bowl, add all other ingredients and mix well.
  6. Serve skewers with Chimichurri on the side or spread on top, and enjoy!

Spicy Lamb Kebabs with Persian Lime Chimichurri

Time to Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy these delicious lamb kebabs with a Persian Lime cilantro chimichurri!

Not only are these delicious together, but you can use each dish in so many ways!

Try the lamb kebabs with a tzatziki sauce in a gyro, or make a Mediterranean grain bowl with the kebab meat and veggies. The chimichurri would be delicious with so many proteins, from steak to grilled fish.

Looking for other ways to use your Harissa Infused Olive Oil, Chef's Blend EVOO, and Persian Lime Balsamic? Check out these recipes:

And make sure to click below to download a copy of the lamb kebabs and chimichurri!

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