Pairing Texas Olive Oil With Other Local Offerings

by Darrell Spivey
Pairing Texas Olive Oil With Other Local Offerings - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

There is nothing better than indulging in fresh local produce; this is why we have chosen a select range of local offerings that pair perfectly with our Texas olive oil. We believe farm-to-table produce is best with a splash of extra virgin, whether you prefer loaves of freshly baked artisanal bread, biting into crunchy and organic farm-fresh vegetables, or experimenting with funky mycology. 

There is a little something local for everyone here in the Lone Star State!


Micro-greens and Delicious Texas Olive Oil Dressings

You can’t go wrong with microgreens; the saying “small things pack a lot of punch” was almost made for these little green wonders. There is a flavor profile for everyone's taste buds, from arugula to chives, and from mustard greens to mint. 

When adding them to your meals, such as salads or simply to garnish your plates of pasta, try to opt for a more subtle Texas olive oil, with a light and buttery finish to complement and uplift the natural flavors of the greens. 

Check out Bella Verde Farms in Dripping Springs for the best locally produced hydroponic lettuce and micro-greens! 

Texas olive oil marinated steak

Fine Cuts of Local Meat Marinated in Texas Olive Oil 

When it comes to preparing delicious meals, we often reach for the finest ingredients, with meat that tends to be grass-fed and pasture-raised. Local, farm-fresh meat has a lower carbon footprint and is less likely to come from a mass-produced farm where you cannot guarantee the finest cuts for the best flavor. 

From farm to table is one of the best ways to ensure that your meals are fresh, flavorful, and a lot healthier. Try drizzling your favorite Texas olive oil on your meats before grilling, or use a medium oil to marinade fine cuts. 

Dutchman’s Market in Fredericksburg offers a wide selection of rabbit and wild game for an extra special treat. 

assorted Texas mushrooms

Magnificent Mycology 

This year is all about funky fungi, with many home chefs and food lovers looking to mushrooms to find healing, nutrition, and flavorful meals. With its meaty texture and taste, turning these fun-guys into vegan extravaganzas has never been easier. 

Try marinating different types of mushrooms before adding them to meals or crumbing them to create meat-like bites for meatless Mondays. Don’t be scared to use your finest olive oils for the marinades, as mushrooms can handle all varieties. Oyster mushrooms work well for meals that call for a lighter touch, while meaty lions mane can manage with a more robust option

If you are interested in creating your own lion's mane steaks, try out the range from the Austin mycology locals - Hi-Fi Mycology. 


Local Produce Deserves a Local Flair

Working with local produce is essential; it supports local businesses and has a lower carbon footprint. Plus, it is often readily available and is almost guaranteed to be fresh every time. This is why we feel it is important to pair local with local.

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