Going Plant-Based with Texas Olive Oil

by Darrell Spivey
Going Plant-Based with Texas Olive Oil - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Have you considered going plant-based or simply adding a few more plant-based options to your weekly meal plan? With over 60% of Americans opting to add healthier plant-based meals to their diets this year, plant-based meals are fast becoming one of the most impressive food trends set to take the world by storm in 2022. 

At the Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we believe that exploring new culinary delights is a vital part of life, and opting for plant-based meals is the perfect place to start. It might seem a little confusing at first; however, small changes can make a world of difference. Here's how you can use Texas olive oil in your meals to get the full flavor and health experience. 

Forget The Grassfed Butter - Go For A Glug of Texas Olive Oil

Rich extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is well known across the globe for its delicious buttery texture, often lending more than just flavor to a dish. It lends a healthy serving of texture and consistency to meals where needed. 

EVOO is one of the most versatile additions to any plant-based meal. Making the simple swap from butter to EVOO is easy, and before long, you can be sure that you won’t miss even the most impressive grass-fed butter as you become a plant-based extraordinaire within the confines of your kitchen. 

Quick and Easy Cheats 

While it is true that butter has a distinct flavor, you can always try making your homemade butter with the use of plant-based flavor cheat codes - nutritional yeast, unflavored coconut oil, and your favorite infused Texas olive oil. Together, these three ingredients and a few other minor ones create the most impeccable ‘butter’ that melts into the folds of a hot spud like the real deal. 

Using more robust Texas olive oils will give your plant-based butter and added herbaceous flavor, while lighter varieties will ensure that your spread is a little more neutral. 

Working With Whole Foods

For many, going plant-based or switching to more plant-based options can seem startling at first, with so many different ‘meat’ alternatives on the market. The easiest way to get started is to stick to a whole-food approach. 

This way, you get to explore the best flavors that nature has to offer and use those to find the food palette that genuinely complements your tastebuds. Opt for vegetable skewers and giant marinaded mushrooms drizzled with a robust olive oil based marinade for your next BBQ. 

Cheating The Cream with Texas Olive Oil

Many people that go fully plant-based are often faced with the conundrum of how to create creamy dishes using only plants… Plant-based meals are not all about leaves and greens; they can be as rich, decadently creamy, and most importantly, packed full of health benefits as you want them to be. 

Creamy vinaigrettes are easy to make using a Hoijiblanca Texas olive oil, herbs, and vinegar. Using an immersion blender to combine the ingredients, you will be able to create a creamy texture with ease.

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