Why You Need Texas Olive Oil in Your Winter Beauty Regimen

by Darrell Spivey
Why You Need Texas Olive Oil in Your Winter Beauty Regimen - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Life isn’t always as cheerful as a snow globe when dealing with winter. It can come with dry skin under your rosy cheeks or a case of chapped lips. We believe in putting your skin first, especially in the cooler months. Here is how Texas olive oil can help you combat some of winter's most unwanted side effects. 

Keeping Yourself Moisturized 

Cold and dry winter air often tends to draw out the moisture in our skin, leaving it red, cold, and flakey at the best of times. Just because you are snug and wrapped up in thermals and long johns, it doesn't mean you should neglect your moisturizer. 

 Texas olive oil lotion

Texas olive oil is the ideal beauty oil for winter as it contains powerful antioxidants and offers moisture-locking properties that can help soothe your snake-like winter skin. Use a few drops on a cotton pad to help remove make-up and lock in hydration where it is needed most. The anti-bacterial properties also offer your skin relief where needed and can help fight off your chances of a winter-acne breakout. 

Time Tested Anti-Aging Properties 

Countries along the Mediterranean have long been praised for their healthy skin and good looks; their diets are rich in the finest olive oils. Some of the most youthful populations on earth attribute their healthy skin and glow to their daily use of it. The results are often related to a few components found in the healthy fat. 


It is well known that olive oil contains powerful antioxidants. These powerful components offer your skin a fighting chance against free radicals and damage caused by UV light. It is vital to remember that the sun can damage your skin even in winter, especially in places with snow and glare. 


It is also high in vital vitamins and minerals that are needed for skin elasticity and health; these include vitamin E, A, D, and K. These vitamins offer your skin a delicate glow even on the coldest of days while protecting it and helping to nourish it from outside and within. 

Texas olive oil skin cream

How To Use Texas Olive Oil for Skin Treatments

There are several ways you can use Texas olive oil for the best skin, neat or in a product. There are plenty of products available on the market, from soaps to luxe creams and lotion bars. Both ways are excellent additions to your daily routine to ensure that you offer your skin the nourishment it needs. 


Another way to use this powerful fat is neat and from the bottle. It can be used as a light moisturizer and make-up remover, as well as a massage oil. Add it to your bath water for all-around skin moisturizing properties. 


No matter how you prefer to use your oil, it is clear that it is one of the most beneficial moisturizers on the shelf that offers your skin healing and protection even in the heart of winter.

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