Benefits Of Texas Olive Oil For Pets

by Darrell Spivey
Benefits Of Texas Olive Oil For Pets - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Ensuring that our furry friends have the best life is important for any pet owner. Whether you spoil them with the finest toys or take extra special care of their meals, there is one more thing you could add to your pet's life that can help them stay in tip-top condition: Texas olive oil. Here's how your pet can benefit from having it included in their diet and used topically. 

maltese dog

Texas Olive Oil As Part of A Healthy Diet

A dog’s health recommendations are often similar to a human’s. By including Texas olive oil in your pooch’s diet, you can be confident you are offering them a ton of health benefits. The powerful properties that it contains can help treat several doggy conditions that might impact the quality of their life.

Conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other painful joint conditions associated with inflammation stand to improve and benefit from this superfood. The anti-inflammatory properties help fight against oxidation and benefit your dog's joint health. 

Healthy Coats and Thriving Skin with Texas Olive Oil

Petting a fluffy dog with a healthy coat is one of the best feelings in the world. Much like with humans, an animal's diet impacts its skin and hair quality, and poor diets contribute to excessive shedding, flaking, and dry skin. 

Texas olive oil contains a wealth of vitamin E and polyphenols that are great for protecting the skin and reducing inflammation. By combating your pup's skin conditions from the inside out, you can be sure to help your fur-baby feel much-needed relief, especially throughout the winter months when skin conditions are typically worse. 

Texas olive oil cat

Topical Texas Olive Oil Treatments

Using this healthy fat topically has become popular not only in the human world. It has seen a sharp rise within the pet world as many pet owners recognize its cleansing and antibacterial properties. 

Putting Ear Health First 

One of the most impressive uses for olive oil topically is within the ears. Most cats and dogs will experience an ear issue throughout their lives, whether it’s mites or an infection. These conditions need to be treated carefully and often require vets' assistance. 

However, using this pantry staple to treat your pet's ears is a great idea. Lightly cleaning the skin in their ear with cotton can help remove stubborn dirt and suffocate mites. Its antibacterial properties are also excellent for healing and preventing infection. 

A Note On Topical Skin Care

Texas olive oil is known for its flavor. While you can use it topically to offer relief from sore and dry skin conditions in your pets, there is one caveat. When applying it topically to treat an area of skin, it is vital to ensure that your pet doesn't enjoy the taste and lick the area as this could make the situation worse. Always peak to your vet about including it in your pet's diet for the best skincare results!

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