The Garlic Lovers Aioli

by Alex Cogen
The Garlic Lovers Aioli - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

As the makers of the best Texas olive oil (we said, humbly) we've made it our personal mission to create the PERFECT aioli. And boy, did we deliver.

This garlic aioli is the creme de la creme of aiolis. How, you ask? Well, we combined mayo, lemon, and HEAPS of fresh garlic with our secret ingredient: our garlic infused extra virgin olive oil.

Some of you may be thinking, "wow, that's a lot of garlic!" And to that we say...can you ever really have too much garlic? We think not!

Infused olive oil is the secret to the best dips and dishes, so give this easy one a try, and check out our recipe below!

The Garlic Lovers Aioli

Garlic Lemon Aioli Recipe | Texas Hill Country Olive Co.


How to Make:

This part is easy...ready for it? Put all the ingredients in a blender, and run until smooth and creamy. That's it!

Serve and Enjoy!

This aioli is perfect for garlic lovers everywhere. We love it served as a dip for fries (try some portobello ones) and veggies, or even a burger and BLT spread!

Looking for other uses for your garlic olive oil? Serve up some garlic parmesan chicken breasts, or maybe even a steaming pot of mushroom garlic soup!

All we know is, garlic infused olive oil goes well with basically everything (okay, maybe not sweets...) and we can't wait for you to snag a bottle and get creative in the kitchen!

But for now, try this garlic aioli, and print out the recipe below!

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