Easy Burger and Side Upgrades for Your Super Bowl Party

by Alex Cogen
Easy Burger and Side Upgrades for Your Super Bowl Party - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

In our minds, the best part of a Super Bowl party is eating all the yummy food! Although we love the classic Super Bowl snacks, like nachos and spinach artichoke dip, we are looking to change things up a bit this year.

Burgers and sides are a staple for not only Super Bowl parties, but any outdoor gathering. But rather than keep to the classic burger, fries, and ketchup (which there's nothing wrong with) we've decided to upgrade the classics for our Super Bowl fiesta!

Easy Burger and Side Upgrades for Your Super Bowl Party

From delicious dips, inventive sides, and creative burger toppings - we've got you covered! And of course, none of these recipes would be complete without some of the best Texas olive oil and balsamic vinegars around.

Sauces, and Aiolis, and Dips - Oh My!

Sometimes, an item is only as good as what it's dipped in. "Meh" french fries are made better with a spicy ketchup, and stale crackers are acceptable when covered in a creamy feta dip.

But we're taking delicious items and SMOTHERING them in scrumptious sauces and dips, and the results are definitely something to write home about (and try for yourself).

Here are some of our favorite sauces, aiolis and dips that will surely be a touchdown at your Super Bowl gathering:

  • The Garlic Lovers Aioli - Let's just say, if you love garlic, you'll love this. Packed with cloves and cloves of garlic, and the addition of our Garlic Infused EVOO, this aioli is a garlic fan's dream. Perfect as a dip, as well as a burger or BLT sauce, this aioli is pure bliss.
  • Ricotta Arugula Walnut Pesto - You may be thinking pestos are meant exclusively for noodles, and to that we say - no way! This pesto in particular is the perfect dip for your Super Bowl sides. From fries to chips to veggies - it takes all your snacks to the next level.
  • Olive Oil Dip - Besides pairing perfectly with our EVOOs and balsamic vinegars, we LOVE to mix a little of these olive oil dips with some cream cheese, mayo, or ricotta for an easy creamy dip that's packed with flavor. Plus, the olive oil dip combined with some mayo is delicious quick and easy additional burger spread that takes mere seconds!
Burgers, Snacks, and Dips | Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Burger Toppings to Change the Game

Ahhh, burgers...one of the greatest American creations. A super solid burger can survive with zero toppings - but what's the fun in that? It can get boring, and we love to get creative in the kitchen to mix things up a bit!

Besides the delicious aiolis and pestos we mentioned before, the following items are a sure-fire way to jazz up a classic:

  • Mixed Green Salad - If you're already a fan of lettuce on a burger, then this one should be a no brainer. We tossed some seasonal greens in some of our olive oil, and topped off the burger. Presto! It's like a light salad on a burger, and we absolutely loved it. For an infused EVOO option, we like our Jalapeño infused olive oil for an extra kick, or the Lemon infused for a touch of citrus. Want to stick with a standard EVOO? We highly suggest a more robust or medium oil to enhance the flavors of the meat, like our Hojiblanca or Texas Miller's Blend EVOOs.
  • Potato Chips - Before you gasp in horror - hear us out. Potatoes and burgers go hand in hand, correct? Surely, you've had potato chips as a burger side in the past. There are people that love a potato chip crunch on their deli sandwich - why not on a burger? The extra crunch, saltiness, and potato flavor really enhance the juiciness of the burger, and texturally make a huge impact! You can always stick with a classic potato chip, but with so many flavors out there, get crazy (and try making homemade jalapeno chips)!

 Upgraded Burgers and Fries | Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

The Must-Have Sides

Perhaps this is a personal flaw, but a burger without a side seems blasphemous. The combinations of flavors and textures completes the meal, and a single burger is just never enough food!

But rather than tell you about french fries (which we do adore), we want to give you some delicious alternatives for your Super Bowl party:

  • Portobello Mushroom Fries - Yes, they are exactly what they sound like, and yes, they are heavenly. The crunch of the panko bread crumbs with the umami flavors of the mushrooms is beyond delicious, and we love them when dipped in the Garlic Lovers Aioli! Plus - they are truly very simple to make!
  • German Potato Salad - Our German potato salad is a burger side staple. The combination of the pickles and bacon add an extra crunch to this delicious classic, and we can't get enough! AND, if you're feeling really crazy, perhaps test it out as a burger topping? You'll never know until you try!
  • Easy and Creative Salads - Looking for a side that's a lighter alternative to offer at your party? We've got you! Before you say, "oh, a salad, how original," let us stop you. These salads require only 5 ingredients, and aren't your run of the mill caesar or cobb. From a Mexican corn (Eloté) salad to a summery crab salad, these options make awesome salads that are far from boring.

 Time to Serve!

We hope you and your guests have the BEST Super Bowl party the world has ever seen - and we hope these burger, sides, and sauces take it to the next level.

These recipes and tips are for far more occasions than the super bowl (like 4th of July!), so save your favorites to make them all year round!

And by the way, next time you have a party - don't forget to invite us! We'll bring our balsamic vinegar sangria (yes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar make the best cocktails).

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