How to Replace Butter with Olive Oil when Cooking

by Darrell Spivey
How to Replace Butter with Olive Oil when Cooking - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

When it comes to shaving off the inches or simply looking after your heart health, there are many ways you can make small changes to your daily meals. Butter is one of those changes that we cannot seem to shake as its flavor is often unparalleled, or so we thought.

Whether you have run out of butter and a store run is out of the question, or you simply want to swap out this saturated fat completely, you can ensure maximum flavor! Texas olive oil is one of the best ways to replace butter in your kitchen. 

Buttering Your Buns

What is Texas without its toast? Whether you are an avid fan of fresh and fancy sandwiches made with sourdough or simply enjoy a slice of freshly buttered toast for breakfast, hearty slathers of butter on toast can start to add up. 

For those that have gone plant-based and dairy-free, looking for a tasty alternative to their favorite butter can be challenging. Look no further than Texas olive oil if you want to switch to a healthier and somewhat more flavorful option.

This delicious mono-saturated fat has all the flavor with twice the health benefits of traditional butter. Before toasting locally baked bread, drizzle a few mls of your favorite hoijiblanca EVOO into a bowl and brush it straight onto your baked goods with a pastry brush. Try adding freshly chopped garlic or herbs to the EVOO for added flavor! 

Baking with Texas Olive Oil 

Run out of butter and need to bake? You can use Texas olive oil in much the same ways as traditional butter in baked goods. There are, however, a few things to remember when making the swap. 

When it comes to flavor, don’t be scared to opt for robust and grassy Texas olive oil options, as part of the baking process will temper the overall flavor of the oil. The grassy notes will add a real farm-fresh buttery taste to your bakes! 

You will need to be exact when measuring your EVOO, as too much can lead to your baked goods not turning out as expected. Use this handy chart to perfect your baking!

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