Four Easy Uses For Bourbon Reserve Balsamic Vinegar

by Darrell Spivey
Four Easy Uses For Bourbon Reserve Balsamic Vinegar - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

If you want an alternative to Texas olive oil, bourbon flavored balsamic vinegar is an excellent choice. Texas Hill Country Olive Co., though famous for its Texas olive oil, makes an amazing bourbon balsamic vinegar.

The Bourbon Reserve Balsamic Vinegar is made in Garrison Brothers bourbon barrels. The flavored balsamic vinegar has a grape wine base, giving it a sweet flavor.

Like Texas olive oil, flavored balsamic vinegar has multiple uses. It’s a versatile ingredient, perfect for all sorts of dishes and cuisines. It’s a smart staple to have around the house.

Let’s get into its four main kitchen uses:


As a Steak Sauce

First of all, you can use it as a steak sauce. The bourbon flavoring complements red meats, particularly filet mignon.

The cut of the meat is kind of spongy, making it perfect for absorbing the tangy flavor. If you add brown sugar, it’ll be all the better. The sugar will balance the vinegar’s tanginess.

With some recipes, you have to add the bourbon and balsamic vinegar separately. However, the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. flavored balsamic vinegar already has bourbon.

Therefore, it makes things simpler for you.   


On Ice Cream and Other Desserts (Trust Us)

Sounds gross, right? How can vinegar taste good with ice cream? But trust us, the flavor profile works well together.

As mentioned, balsamic vinegar, like Texas olive oil, goes well with brown sugar. The two complement each other.

So, it makes sense that balsamic vinegar will go nicely with other sweet dishes. You can use it on ice-cream. Alternatively, you can top it on brownies, pastries, or fruity desserts.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we suggest you go for it. 


Caramelize Onions With Flavored Balsamic Vinegar

If you don’t want to use sugar or Texas olive oil, flavored balsamic vinegar is another convenient option for caramelizing onions.

Simply add balsamic vinegar and chopped onions to your pan, and saute until they’re caramelized.

However, be mindful; balsamic vinegar is pretty dark. Therefore, it can mask the color of your onions at times.

Pay attention to the aroma to make sure you don’t burn them.


Make a Fun Cocktail

Texas Hill Country Bourbon Reserve Balsamic Vinegar


Lastly, flavored balsamic vinegar is a fun and unique ingredient for making cocktails. Of course, it goes best with bourbon-based drinks.

The Bourbon Reserve Balsamic Vinegar is an excellent ingredient for bourbon cocktails. It gives your drink an extra kick of bourbon.

From Classic Bourbon Sours to Old Fashioneds, you can make anything. You can also try bourbon balsamic vinegar with Sangrias and Bellinis.


Don’t Use It to Clean, Though

Now, flavored balsamic vinegar is pretty similar to Texas olive oil; it’s versatile and perfect for many recipes.

However, unlike Texas olive oil, you can’t use balsamic vinegar for cleaning. Texas olive oil is an excellent product for wiping stains and polishing surfaces.

Balsamic vinegar is darker and richer; it leaves a stain on any surface.

You can use it for cooking. However, if you’re looking for vinegar for house hacks, distilled white vinegar is your best option.

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