Family Style Sides

by Cara Gambini
Family Style Sides - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

This year has been a little um... extra, so we decided to put our creative hats on and bring you some new inspiration for your holiday meal prep. These sides were created or curated by our Head Chef, Sarah Lindsey, utilizing some of our latest products and our most popular. 

Wild Mushroom & Brussel Sprouts

Our Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil combined with our Traditional Balsamic balance these fall flavors for a multifaceted side dish worthy of the holiday table.


Harissa Broccolini with Tahini Sauce

Broccolini shines with these Middle Eastern flavors. Serve with roasted lamb for a classic combo.


Celery Root Potato Puree with Leeks

Here's a flavorful and vegan alternative to mashed potatoes. Celery root adds a delicate herbaceous flavor, while the silky leeks add depth. Our buttery Spaniard Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes the combo wonderfully rich.


Bourbon Balsamic Grilled Butternut

Our Bourbon Balsamic perfectly complements the sweetness of butternut squash, which becomes smokey and tender on the grill. Great with barbecue!


Pro tip: Serve with your favorite bottle of wine : )

multipuciano - gambini estate wine | Texas Hill Country Olive Co. 

Happy Holidays!

Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

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