How to Use Olive Oil as a Makeup Remover

by Alex Cogen
How to Use Olive Oil as a Makeup Remover - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

We have been on the hunt of a great makeup remover for AGES. So many products are full of chemicals, and after using them, we are left with our skin feeling dry, and our eyes feeling irritated.

Little did we know that the best makeup remover was sitting in our pantries this entire time: olive oil!

Now many oils in general make good makeup removers and cleansers, however olive oil, in our opinion, is hands down the best option!

Why Use Oils to Remove Makeup?

Here's the thing: makeup products contain a LOT of oils. Like dissolves like, so oil based removers and cleansers are the absolute best at taking off your stubborn makeup! This is because these oils have similar chemical structures. If you've been having trouble with your current makeup removers, it's likely because they are water based, thus aren't as effective when removing makeup.

Why Olive Oil, Specifically?

Olive Oil For Makeup Remover | Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Although a lot of natural oils will remove your makeup, olive oil is, in our opinion, the best option. Now, that's not because we think it technically removes more makeup than other options, like coconut or jojoba oils. It's more for the additional benefits using olive oil adds to the process.

First of all, olive oil is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that benefit your skin in countless ways. It contains high amounts of Vitamins A, D, E and K, which can help prevent free radical damage, soothe irritated skin, reduce inflammation, and manage oxidative stress. This is super essential, as inflammation and the like are some of the main causes of signs of aging (i.e. collagen breakdown, dark spots, etc).

Olive oil is also incredible at locking in moisture. It's full of omegas, which help to keep your skin barrier healthy and lock hydration. Where many chemical makeup removers strip the skin, and leave it feeling dry, olive oil and other oils help retain moisture in the skin, even while removing makeup and dirt. Olive oil not only helps prevent dryness, but also keeps your skin balanced.

Although olive oil on it's own isn't going to moisturize your skin (as it doesn't contain water), adding it AFTER applying water to your skin will help it act as a sealant to trap that moisture.

How Do I Use Olive Oil to Remove Makeup?

Olive Oil Makeup Remover | Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

So, how do you remove your makeup with olive oil? There are two major ways: either as a first cleansing (in a double cleanse routine), or as a targeted makeup remover (i.e. for just eye makeup or a lip stain). Let us break down how you'd go about removing during each option:

  1. First Cleanse with Olive Oil - To cleanse your skin with olive oil, thus removing the makeup and dirt from your entire face, you'll first want to put some olive oil in your hands, and rub it lightly in circular motions on your DRY skin. The oils will begin to break down, and you should see the makeup start to move around in the face oils. Once it's been thoroughly rubbed in, you're going to wash off the oil with warm water, and pat your face dry. If you feel your makeup has been fully removed, and you have drier skin in general, you likely don't need to follow up with a second water-based cleanser. But, more times than not, you'll want to use your usual water based cleanser as a second step. Your skin will surely be squeaky clean after that!
  2. Olive Oil as a Targeted Makeup Remover - Want to stick with just applying your makeup remover to targeted areas, and letting your usual cleanser do the rest? Olive oil will remove waterproof makeup and long lasting lipsticks incredibly - and without causing any serious irritation (although we always recommend trying to avoid getting any product in your eyes). To get rid of stubborn eye and lip makeup, apply olive oil to a cotton round (consider reusable options) and rub in circular motionsRinse off with warm water, and then follow up with your usual cleanser. No more getting through your whole skincare routine and still seeing pesky mascara residue!

Is Olive Oil Skincare Right for Me? 

Here's the thing: olive oil in your beauty regimen is not for everyone. For many people, this product is highly beneficial, however for others, it could actually achieve negative results. Olive oil is comedogenic, meaning it is thick and can cause pore blockage, resulting in acne, blackheads, etc.  If you have incredibly sensitive skin, acne, or are prone to breakouts, we don't recommending using olive oil. If you're unsure if olive oil is right for you, do a patch test on your arm before using on your face.

Which Olive Oils Should I Use?

When it comes to using olive oil on your face, not all oils are created equal. There are a few criteria you need to look for when picking your olive oil, especially if you'll be putting it on your skin.

Extra Virgin, First Cold Pressed, Unrefined

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or EVOO, meets a specific set of requirements that deem it worthy, and make them better than other oils. To be an EVOO, the oil must have less than 0.8% acidity, as opposed to 2% in regular old virgin olive oil. Extra virgin also means it's gone through less refining, thus preserving all the benefits and antioxidants that make olive oil so beneficial. These oils are also cold pressed, and don't go through a heating process. The cold pressing is essential in maintaining the flavor and benefits within the olive oil.

Here's the thing - even if you quickly look at a bottle, and see it says "Extra Virgin" make sure to still read the back label. In the U.S., there are no laws or processes to separate the real EVOOs from the frauds, and you can end up buying an olive oil that is labeled extra virgin, but does not meet requirements that are legally upheld in Europe, and elsewhere.

Using Olive Oil to Remove Makeup | Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

A true EVOO has a few tell tale signs that will show you exactly what you're looking for. Here are a few things to look for when trying to find a real Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • Origin - Where your oil comes from matters. A real EVOO will only have ONE country of origin. Although the country itself may vary, only one will be listed. If your bottle of olive oil says "Made in Greece" yet lists numerous different countries as oil providers, and is packaged somewhere else entirely - it's not authentic. A real EVOO will be made and packaged in the same country, and contain olives from only one location. If you're feeling extra cautious - olive oil made locally is always a safe bet!
  • Bottle -  Light is not your olive oil's friend. Any type of light, sunlight and otherwise, can make your olive oil go bad, and make it deteriorate. Because of this, the best olive oils, often Extra Virgin, come in dark or tinted containers, or containers with zero transparency whatsoever. Is an olive oil being sold in a clear bottle? Don't buy it!
  • Price - Although we all love a bargain, we don't recommend it when it comes to olive oil. Usually price is indicative of quality, and the cheaper olive oils often tend to not be Extra Virgin. This is often because the process of making EVOO is more time consuming and expensive, thus resulting in pricier bottles. Find a giant bottle at a super cheap price? Chances are it's not authentic EVOO, won't taste great, and has little health benefits.

These tips will not only help you pick the best bottle of EVOO for your skin, but for your hair, nails, and all of your future cooking needs

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil for Removing Makeup

Here at Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we make pure 100% cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not only is our olive oil delicious, but it's perfect for removing makeup and dirt from your face at the end of a long day.

It's all natural, gentle on your eyes, and the best multi-use product to keep around your house.

Try to decide which olive oil to buy? We would choose among the following:

  • Texas Miller's Blend - This robust flavored oil has the highest Polyphenol count of our oils. Polyphenol has anti-inflammatory properties, and is said to help with UV and sun damage. But warning: as a more robust oil, it does have a more intense scent.
  • Sola Stella - This is our most delicate oil, and a staple in most pantries. Besides being the safe bet in any meal, it's also the best delicate option when it comes to skincare. This is also the option with the subtlest scent.

We hope you start to incorporate EVOO into your skincare, and find it as transformative as we have! Looking for products infused with olive oil to incorporate into your skincare regimen? Try out our incredible lotions infused with olive oil!




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