Using Texas Olive Oil to Boost Your Immune System

by Darrell Spivey
Using Texas Olive Oil to Boost Your Immune System - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Winter often comes with a particular set of problems, and flu is one of them. For many people, boosting their immune system is a task that becomes part of everyday life at this time of year. Bolstering your health against these pesky viruses can be tricky - however, with a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle and adding extra virgin Texas olive oil, you can begin the tedious task of preparing your immune system for the harshest of winters

But First, What Is The Immune System? 

The immune system is your body's defense mechanism - it protects you and defends against disease and sickness. It acts as a frontline defense system; when compromised, it can mean you end up sickly more regularly. It is important to remember that you cannot create an immune system; however, you can give it additional tools to ensure that yours functions appropriately. 

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Boosting Your Immune System 

Texas olive oil is well known for its many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and a powerhouse full of antioxidants. Olive oil also contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals that improve overall health. These vitamins and minerals ensure that you are in good shape and in touch with your system. 

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), which contains a high concentration of anti-inflammatory compounds, can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It can also assist your body in fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Inflammation is well known for its ability to further illness and keep people sick for longer but keeping it in check is easy with the help of EVOO. 


Including Texas Olive Oil In Your Diet

Making changes to your diet doesn’t need to be complex or complicated. The trick is to work with what you have and boost it as naturally as possible. This means whole complementary foods, reducing processed food intake, and increasing superfoods like Texas EVOO. 

  • Super simple swaps - Ditch the seed and vegetable oils for cleaner and better for your health EVOOs. Salad dressings, spreads, and drizzles can all be made with light buttery EVOO varieties.
  • Baking and roasting can all benefit from good quality robust EVOOs that create a foundation of flavor for your meals. 
  • The skin - The skin is your biggest organ and the first line of defense; swapping out toxic skin products for healthier alternatives such as Texas EVOO is the perfect way to protect your skin and lower winter skin inflammation. 

Working on your immune system is continuous - a daily function that takes practice and patience. Working on cleaning your diet up is also a daily practice. One tablespoon of EVOO at a time is enough to give your system the boost it needs and you can find your favorite variety of Texas olive oil in our shop.

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