Savory Brunch Ideas for the Short Fall Days

by Darrell Spivey
Savory Brunch Ideas for the Short Fall Days - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Breakfast is not everyone's a-game, especially on cooler fall days when sleeping in takes priority. Lazy Sunday brunches with friends make up some of the best memories. From delicious fruit platters to savory cheese boards, very few dishes don’t go well with brunch. At the Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we believe that brunch is the cornerstone of any sophisticated Sunday. Try these great Texas olive oil-inspired ideas out this fall. 

Texas Olive Oil Marinaded Breakfast Mushrooms

Large mushrooms marinaded in a mixture of fresh crushed garlic, herbs, and a healthy drizzle of a robust Greek style Texas olive oil slowly grilled in the oven and topped with a variety of toppings such as olive tapenade, cheese or even a tomato chili jam. Serve these with soft, fresh bread and a variety of salads and rashers of maple bacon. 

This brunch classic is ideal for anyone who likes something light and full of flavor. The robust and herbaceous EVOO pairs well with the umami flavors of the mushroom, and the herbs will highlight the subtle sweetness of the bread. It can be easily adapted to any dietary preference, from keto to plant-based. 

Mediterranean Brunch Bowls

There is nothing quite like a Mediterranean bowl to get your day started. With hearty portions of roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, and roasted cherry tomatoes served with soft-boiled eggs, hummus, and white bean dips made with delicate buttery Texas olive oil for added comfort.

If savory meals alone are not to your liking, you can play around with ingredients like fruit and veg that are not savory yet also not too sweet. Adding fresh grilled peaches offers a layer of sweetness without adding refined sugars to your meal. Try drizzling your peaches with a bit of our infused Texas olive oil, like our blood orange-infused EVOO to bring back a little taste of the summer


A Little North African Shakshouka 

Fresh, light, and full of flavor are all used to describe this dish. It is the perfect meal for when the leaves begin the fall and get crunchy. Try swapping out the traditional tomato base for spinach, with soft cooked eggs and drizzled with your favorite Jalapeno-infused Texas olive oil for a little kick - you cannot go wrong. It is a dish best served with cous cous, corn chips, or even za’atar flatbreads.

Tip: When drizzling the jalapeno oil, try to make sure you concentrate on the eggs. The soft yolk perfectly matches the kick and zing from the jalapeno. 

Potato Hash with Asparagus and Roasted Vegetables

When in doubt - hash it out! Hash is one of the easiest and quickest meals you can throw together for brunch. Drizzled with a harrisa-infused EVOO, roasted Mediterranean vegetables are paired perfectly with the grated potato and onion mixture. You can spice it up or spice it down as much as you prefer.

Adding a little coconut cream scratch eggs scrambled in a pan with a robust EVOO for added flavor finishes the dish off perfectly. If substituting eggs for a chickpea-based vegan version - use an EVOO with a robust peppery finish for the perfect touch.

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