Texas Olive Oil on National Cheese Lovers Day

by Darrell Spivey
Texas Olive Oil on National Cheese Lovers Day - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Get ready for a flavor sensation this national cheese lovers day on January 20th. At the Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we believe that any celebration should be done in style, and your menus should be perfectly paired.

If you are an avid cheese fanatic, here is precisely how you can prepare a winning cheesy spread paired with the perfect Texas olive oil. 

Texas Olive Oil Pairings for National Cheese Lovers Day

complementary cheese flavors

Seeking Complementary Flavor Profiles 

Pairing your cheese spread with olive oil is as simple as finding a complementary flavor profile. The basics of any cheese pairing will help guide you through to the perfect finished product.


  • Don’t go overboard on fat - When it comes to choosing the right combination, try not to go overboard on the fatty profile; if you are using a high-fat cheese, try not to go with a super-rich and buttery oil as it can be a bit too much. 
  • Match the sharpness - True cheese lovers will know that cheese is not just about creamy stretchy goodness; it has an edge and many other flavor profiles. With that in mind, you can showcase that sharpness with other complementary sharp fats. 


Examples of perfect cheese and olive oil combinations: 


  • Blue Cheeses - options such as a Gorgonzola are ideally matched to fruity and sweet oils - Try an Arbequina-based variety such as the Sola Stella or the Terra Verde
  • Goats Cheese - Go Greek with this spicy cheese. Try the Super Greek for the ultimate flavor sensation. 
  • Feta - The Spaniard in our collection is an excellent match for this tangy cheese; it has sharp flavors and matches the texture profile perfectly.


    Texas olive oil marinade

    Get Your Marinade On With Texas Olive Oil

    Cheese is a lot like meat in some ways. Some cheeses were almost made to be marinated - they absorb flavor and their unique texture makes them ideal for a little added buttery texture. Here are the top cheeses to marinate: 


    • Mozzarella - This classic Italian cheese is ideally paired with sweet basil-infused olive oil with red chili pepper flakes. You can use the cheese in salads or on its own as an antipasto ingredient on a smorgasbord. 
    • Chevre - This earthy cheese is an acquired taste. Marinated options are ideal for uplifting this fine cheese and adding additional flavor elements. Try resting your goat’s cheese in a  buttery Texas Millers blend, crushed garlic, bay leaves, lemon zest, peppercorns, and thyme.
    • Halloumi - A salty classic! This cheese on its own is an excellent choice for any cheese dinner table spread. Try marinating it in a range of flavors, such as mint with a light and fruity flavored oil such as the Terra Verde, before lightly sauteing to perfection. 
    • Feta - A deliciously salty cheese such as feta is ideally marinated with sharp flavors such as cracked peppercorns, garlic, sundried tomatoes, and rosemary with Greek-style oil. Serve in infused oil with crusty bread, crackers, or melba toast.

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