How to Use Texas Olive Oil in Mediterranean-American Fusion Dishes

by Darrell Spivey
How to Use Texas Olive Oil in Mediterranean-American Fusion Dishes - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Every meal is a fusion of cultures. Combining flavors from different cultures is a new way of enjoying classic American cuisine. Here are our favorite Texas olive oil Mediterranean-American fusion meals that leave us longing for more!

Falafel Cob Salad With Texas Olive Oil Tahini Dressing

While falafel might not be your first consideration when it comes to Mediterranean food, it is common across the Mediterranean belt. The tahini dressing is fresh and earthy and best complemented with a delicate buttery extra virgin olive oil - to ensure that the nutty taste of the tahini is showcased correctly while not overpowered. When making these delicious protein-packed bites - try a traditional Lebanese recipe for the best results. 

Baked Lasagna Chimichangas 

Chimichangas are an Arizona comfort food classic with the addition of lasagna. Try layering the lasagna ingredients inside tortillas and serving your chimichangas with a bechamel and cheese sauce. Baked chimichangas filled with a layered lasagna are the ultimate comfort meal.

For added flavor and texture - you can pan-fry each wrapped chimichanga before baking it in a pan with a drizzle of EVOO. Bake your chimichangas covered with cheese and add white sauce. This will add extra flavor and dimension to each bite. 

Charred Corn and Jalapeno Hummus With Texas Olive Oil

What would an American fusion be without a little charred corn? Charred corn and jalapeno hummus is the perfect way to introduce a little flavor to your next picnic basket. The subtle sweetness of the corn and jalapeno hummus works well with peppery and robustly flavored hummus. Try using a strong and intense Texas olive oil to make your hummus for maximum flavor!

When charring your jalapeno peppers and the corn - opt for a delicate to a medium variety of EVOO to ensure that the natural flavors of the charred veg shine. 

Cornbread and Cheese With Artichoke Hearts

Italy’s staple lunch meal is soft bread with fresh mozzarella and slivers of sliced meats. While cornbread is known as a staple of the South, the combination of the two is a concept that produces one of the most soul-satisfying meals! Slices of cornbread are brushed with a buttery EVOO and rubbed with fresh garlic before toasting. They are toasted to perfection with slices of fresh mozzarella, marinated artichoke hearts, and an olive tapenade is a celebration of two comfort foods unlike any other. The cornbread's sweetness highlights the tapenade's savory goodness and the artichoke's freshness. 

New York Bagels With Texas Olive Oil Roasted Veg

Roasted slivers of peppers, zucchini, and eggplant drizzled with a robust Texas olive oil are the perfect topping for New York-style bagels. With added chevre cheese and fig and balsamic reduction drizzled over - the sweet bread dough and the delicious veg create a lunch that will leave you feeling moreish!

Whether you like Mediterranean-style breakfast burritos or a hearty drizzle of EVOO over your truly American dishes - fusion food bridges the gaps between cultures and creates long-lasting connections between nations. What is your favorite fusion meal?

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