Texas Olive Oil - Which is Best for Cooking?

by Darrell Spivey
Texas Olive Oil - Which is Best for Cooking? - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Food is a part of daily life; it is something to be celebrated. How you prepare your food and the ingredients you choose all shape the result. When shopping, we often stop and choose the best fresh vegetables and meats for our meals. Texas Olive oil is no different; certain kinds of olive oil work well with particular meals. At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., we recommend only ever using high-grade olive oils - from the hills of Texas, of course. 


Why Use Texas Olive Oil for Cooking? 

Olive oils can be used for both hot and cold dishes, in cooked foods, and raw dips and dressings. This versatile oil is used across the globe thanks to its unique health benefits and properties. 

Olive oil has a high smoke point which makes it perfect for cooking a variety of dishes. The unique flavor complements meals and offers a buttery richness. There are a few things to remember when using Texas olive oil in your meals; the method you use to prepare your food will help you choose the best type for cooking.  

 Texas olive oil cherry tomatoes

Roasting and Searing 

We recommend using EVOO for roasting vegetables and pan-searing meats. The high smoke point will allow you to cook your meal and retain flavor and nutrients. 

Consider these two options when choosing the best for roasting :

  • Terra Verde Extra Virgin - This medium flavored oil is excellent for searing your meat dishes. 
  • Sola Stella - The beauty of Sola Stella is its delicate flavor that is ideal for roasted vegetables and everyday use. The soft flavor profile will not disrupt the natural flavor of your dish. 

Use a lighter oil for cooking dishes with distinct flavors; more delicate oils will not change the dish's taste as much as a more robustly flavored extra-virgin


Finishing Meals and Dressings 

You can use most EVOOs to dress a finished meal such as pasta, or drizzle over roasted potatoes and salads. Many cooks use the finest EVOOs for this or use lighter infused oils to add additional flavor to meals. 

Infused olive oils are great for when you might not have access to ingredients such as harissa or blood oranges; the expertly blended flavors can uplift a dressing, dip, or sauce. Lighter olive oils are great for dressing soups and salads, too!


Tips for Using Texas Olive Oil When Cooking

Remember the following tips when cooking with olive oil; these tricks can help you get the most out of your dishes and ensure that each meal tastes great every time you make it. 

  • Storage -  Ensure that you store your oil correctly in a dark and cool area. 
  • Low and slow - Start the process by heating the oil over low heat before adding ingredients to the pan.
Maintain heat - Fry below 356F to maintain all health benefits. Olive oil will also burn your food if you raise the temperature too high.

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