Celebrate National BLT Day with a Twist

Celebrate National BLT Day with a Twist

The bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is so popular, it now has its own holiday. This year National BLT Day is July 22. Here are a few tips for giving this classic its due, and a few ideas on how to switch things up. Even the best classic recipes respond well to improvements.

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What is the classic BLT?

Toasted bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise – these are the ingredients for the diner classic BLT, a favorite in both North America and Britain. Standard or triple-decker, this kissing cousin of the club sandwich makes for great pub grub, hangover food, diner stalwart, and can also be gussied up using different types of bread and bacon.

Switching up a classic sandwich

We love the BLT just the way you'd find it at any roadside diner. But even perfection can get boring. Try olive oil for subtle gourmet changes to that classic BLT taste.

Use fancy aioli instead of mayonnaise in your sandwich. To make it extra special, mix your own with local garlic and the finest Texas olive oil such as Miller's Blend. Deconstructed dishes are all the rage, so cut some calories by making an open-faced sandwich. Or, go one step further and turn your BLT into a salad with bacon bits and chunks of tomato on romaine lettuce. Top with a homemade olive oil-based salad dressing for a Mediterranean flavor. Add caramelized onions for sweetness and texture. Simply sauté chopped onions slowly in olive oil until they caramelize, turning a soft brown color. 

Conservative foodies may ask 'why mess with the finely balanced goodness of a classic BLT?' We think its position on the menu of classic comfort foods is secure, so have a bit of fun with it.

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