Following a Mediterranean Diet Can Help With The Winter Blues

by Darrell Spivey
Following a Mediterranean Diet Can Help With The Winter Blues - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Seasonal affective disorder, more commonly known as the winter blues, can affect anyone. For some people, fall is more than just when the trees turn beautiful shades of brown and red - it is the signal of times ahead. SAD (yes, the feeling and the disorder) or “seasonal affective disorder” can affect anyone.

These symptoms of depression can be improved, however, with a slight adjustment in the diet; more specifically, adding a little more Texas olive oil to your foods in the form of the Mediterranean diet. It has been proven to enhance mood and contribute to a positive mental outlook.

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How Does Texas EVOO and the Mediterranean Diet Improve Winter Blues? 

Long has it been known that gut health and mental health have a direct link. When we eat poorly, we begin to think poorly. The Mediterranean diet contains excellent sources of plant-based whole foods and as little as possible processed nonsense. As a gut-healthy diet packed full of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods such as Texas olive oil, you can be confident that your gut health will thrive. 

Another aspect that influences why this diet is excellent for mental health is that it is non-restrictive. You will not go through painful and irritable detoxes that deplete your energy stores and put you in a foul mood. This diet thrives on eating until satiated, focusing instead on fresh, healthy ingredients of the best quality. This makes the perfect diet for those trying to be kinder to themselves. As it is less processed than other diets, it contains fewer transfats and other unhealthy additives that can leave you feeling sluggish and down.

How To Include More Texas Olive Oil Into Your Diet

The Mediterranean diet is rich and flavorful. Hearty glugs of EVOO accompany almost all meals. Whether it is roasted veg on ciabattas or a  bowl of pasta puttanesca drizzled with a spoonful of your favorite Texas olive oil - this versatile fat is healthy and impressive regarding its health benefits. Hence, adding it to your diet is easier than you think

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Try these easy ways to include more of the Mediterranean in your life:

  • Mediterranean Mondays - A hearty ratatouille to start your week will ensure that your Monday gets off to a good start. You can add a little extra comfort in the form of sundried tomatoes suspended in jalapeno-infused EVOO.
  • Hearty polenta and oranges - Polenta is a Mediterranean classic; as a breakfast porridge, it is the perfect way to start your day. If you like your polenta with a knob of butter, switch it out for a drizzle of blood orange-infused Texas EVOO. The added citrus zing is a great way to refresh you for a feel-good breakfast. 

Want some extra inspiration? Have a look at our collections of heart and mind-healthy ingredients for a Mediterranean lifestyle!

A Final Word

While studies are still being conducted on why the Mediterranean diet has such great success with mental health, one thing is sure. It is a clean diet, with few added nasty ingredients, that is healthy for your gut and helps keep your weight in check. It helps your body function and offers a healthy alternative to most other diets that can leave you feeling bleak and drained. That, on its own, makes it the perfect feel-good lifestyle to take on when you are feeling the brunt of the winter blues!

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