What Happens When Olive Oil Gets Cold?

by Darrell Spivey
What Happens When Olive Oil Gets Cold? - Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

As the cold creeps in, we slowly adjust life to suit it. We switch to warmer wardrobes; we cook slightly differently, adding winter flavors and more to our lives. The cold impacts everything from the time it takes to get to work to what we cook and how we plan meals. So how does it impact our favorite kitchen staples such as Texas olive oil? Well, let's take a look at what happens when the temperatures drop. 

How Does The Cold Impact Olive Oil? 

Much like another heavy-weight ingredient, coconut oil, even the best Texas olive oil will begin to solidify over time if kept in cold conditions. But how cold is cold? Most high-quality olive oils begin to become cloudy at temperatures of 50 degrees; at about 45 degrees, they can turn into a gel, and at any lower temperature, they can solidify into a hard block. It is a result of the naturally present waxes in the olive fruit and its pit that react to the lowered temperatures.

A Refresher on How To Store Texas Olive Oil

So, the question begs, does this impact its flavor or health properties? The answer is no. It doesn’t. It only means that you might need to move your EVOO to a warmer spot in the kitchen or keep that in mind when cooking. 

Storing your EVOO is as simple as keeping it in a cool, dark cabinet or pantry. Always make sure it is in date and not about to expire. You can always give it the sniff and taste test if you are uncertain. This will make it easier to determine whether it is safe to consume. It shouldn’t smell like crayons or taste old and waxy. It should maintain its natural herbaceous and buttery flavor. 

Fun Winter Tip

If you like toast with lashings of butter, try keeping infused olive oil in your refrigerator or freezer. Adding herbs and aromatics such as garlic to a hearty glug of EVOO is a delicious alternative to dairy-based butter. The result will be a thick gel-like buttery substance packed full of flavor. You can shape these into little cubes by freezing them in ice cube trays. 

You can also experiment with different types of infused olive oil! The Texas Olive oil butter cubes make an attractive addition to any breakfast spread where you will serve fresh hot bread

olive oil

What To Do With Solidified Texas Olive Oil

Try not to stress if your favorite bottle of EVOO has begun to solidify and you are a little concerned about how to use it or return it to your preferred liquid state. You can simply place the glass bottle in a bowl of warm water. Swirl it gently to speed the process up. 

Don’t microwave or submerge the bottle in a pot of boiling water, as this could shatter the glass bottle. Always ensure that the oil is not heated - the trick is to bring the bottle to room temperature or just above 48 degrees for it to become liquid once more. Heating the oil will reduce its health properties.

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